Sanders draws massive crowd in Wisconsin

A nice milestone.. 10.000 people… and who knows how far he will go.. but he has exceeded all expectations so far..


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) drew 10,000 supporters, the largest crowd of his campaign thus far, according to reports.

“Tonight, we have more people at any meeting for a candidate of president of the United States than any other candidate,” Sanders told his fans at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Madison, Wis., according to The Associated Press.

Clinton weathers the summer of Sanders

It’s still 6 months until the primaries.. Sanders can surge further..


Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton always insisted she wasn’t expecting a coronation in her second presidential bid, but a single-digit lead over Bernie Sanders was surely not what she had in mind.

It’s now clear that Clinton, despite a raft of political advantages that make her the envy of rivals from both parties, faces a stubborn obstacle in her quest to win the Democratic nomination.

She must weather the summer of Sanders.

Inside the mind of Bernie Sanders: unbowed, unchanged, and unafraid of a good fight

Serious profiles are coming up on Bernie, also in foreign newspapers.. how things have changed in a couple of months!!


The diplomatic overture was dispatched to Hu Yaobang, chairman of the Chinese Communist party, on 29 October 1981. A near-identical letter was sent to the Kremlin, for the attention of Leonid Brezhnev, general secretary of the Communist party of the Soviet Union.

“Like an unconscious and uncontrollable force, our planet appears to be drifting toward self-destruction,” the newly installed socialist leader of somewhere called Burlington wrote. He urged them “in the strongest possible way” to disarm militarily and begin immediate negotiations with other world leaders.

Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton

If nothing else, Hillary has to do more to fight for the nomination.. but would probably still be a very clear favorite..


It may be time for Hillary Clinton to take the challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders more seriously.
Sanders is surging in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

The Vermont Independent has drawn huge crowds of supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and pulled within striking distance of Clinton in some Granite State polls. “This is not a protest campaign,” Sanders declared at a breakfast with reporters in Washington last week. “This is a campaign to win.” He’s also a powerful presence on social media, where supporters are eager to share news about his campaign. While Clinton remains the runaway favorite, the strength of Sanders’s challenge — particularly in the states hosting the first two nominating contests — is starting to get attention.

Charles Koch: We like 5 GOP candidates in primaries

There’s not much left to say about US politics these days.. no signs of improvement.. big money tightening the grip on the process, and more openly so.
Here’s Charles Koch laying out the plans for directing the primaries, to secure the right candidate to promote for the general. With something like $890 million from now until Nov 2016.


WICHITA, Kan. — Charles Koch said he is considering throwing his political might into the Republican presidential primary for the first time and is likely to provide financial help to several contenders before settling on a single candidate.

Koch, his brother David and their team have identified five candidates who have the right message and “a good chance of getting elected,”
he told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview at Koch Industries’ headquarters. They are Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida.

“Those are the ones we have talked to the most and who seem to be the possible leaders,” he said.