POLL: Trump Leads GOP Field Among Hispanics, Records 34% Favorability

Another poll that runs against the expectations..
Trump now beats the other GOP candidates in Hispanic favorability.. even Jeb & Rubio..
1,5 weeks ago the general media consensus was that Trump had peaked..
He has since then increased the national lead, NH lead, gained in Iowa and tops the Hispanic race on the right.


Presidential candidate Donald Trump leads other GOP contenders among Hispanics, a recent poll shows. Trump recorded a 34% favorability rating among Hispanics in a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) among 1,087 registered voters between July 20-21.

Trump has made immigration a seminal part of his campaign, receiving praise, but also criticism, from the political left and right. During a much-publicized visit to the border in Laredo, TX last Thursday, Trump told reporters he thought he would “win the Hispanic vote.”

Gov. Bush (R-FL) follows Trump with a 31% favorability rating among Hispanics, and Senator Cruz is close behind with 30%. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rand Paul (R-KY) both recorded 29%, Gov. Scott Walker (WI-R) 26%, and businesswoman Carly Fiorina 25%.

The 6 big issues where we still don’t know where Hillary Clinton stands

Another Washington Post reporter piles on..
And there’s one very important thing to remember about this 2016 Presidential race, which is the unexpected entrance of two free and non donor-controlled candidates on each side, Bernie Sanders and Donal Trump.
They speak out clearly on every issue, and they are fundamentally changing the dynamics. Hillary’s vagueness or right-wing indoctrination now have a big and refreshing contrast.
And this is a very good thing for everyone, except the donors.



On Monday, Hillary Clinton released the first part of her vision to combat climate change — a document which left out many of the day’s controversies in the environmental world.

She proposed expanding solar panels and working to have every American home in 2027 powered by renewable energy, but she made no mention of the Keystone Pipeline, fracking and offshore drilling.

Her campaign says she plans to roll out more details later, but there’s reason to believe we might never get clarity on how she feels about some of these topics. That’s because Clinton has so far avoided taking stances on several controversial issues of domestic and foreign policy — most notably ones that divide her Democratic base.

In fact, we don’t know the Democratic front-runner’s stance on at least six big issues she’d have some control over if she were president.

Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous hedge on Keystone XL

The Fix bashes Hillary..
The liberal press is turning against her..
And the primaries are a still a long way from now..



Here’s Hillary Clinton’s “answer” to a question about whether she supports or opposes the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline at a townhall in New Hampshire today.

“If it’s undecided when I become president, I will answer your question,”
Clinton said. “This is President Obama’s decision. I’m not going to second-guess him.”

Er, what?

2016 election: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker to court Koch donors

What a gift to the campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.. the only two non-controlled candidates for President..
Two oil billionaires spending close to $1 billion to buy the President.. Jeb and Walker making their case…
Let’s see if this becomes a thing in the first GOP debate next Thursday…

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04: David Koch attends the


Four leading GOP presidential candidates – Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker – are traveling to a Southern California luxury hotel in coming days to make their cases directly to the Koch brothers and hundreds of other wealthy conservatives planning to spend close to $1 billion in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Huckabee Doubles Down on Holocaust Remark

Sad to see other GOP candidates copying Trump’s tactics of harsh statements, doubling down and then claiming huge support. Especially on references like Huckabee is making.. it’s just going too far. He doesn’t know how to play Trump’s game..



Mike Huckabee told the Today Show that if he was president, he would use the same language when referring to potential deals with Iran — and that the response from Jewish people to his controversial comments has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

Said Huckabee: “We need to use strong words when people make strong threats.”

Clinton Has a Much Bigger Bernie Sanders Problem

It could seem like Bernie has hit a roof.. but who knows..

Numbers for Iowa are Clinton 49, Sanders 25, Biden 10 (Clinton +24)
NH: Clinton 42, Sanders 32, Biden 12 (Clinton +10)

Bernie beats her in a match up against Trump though (CNN):
Clinton 56, Trump 40 (Clinton +16)
Sanders 59, Trump 38 (Sanders +21)



Mark Halperin: “Let’s all please stop asserting that Bernie Sanders can’t beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic nomination race. Pundits and journalists galore have been declaring (alleged margin of error: zero) that the Vermont senator will lose to his party’s front-runner. Sure, his odds are long, but so far he’s shown substance, grit, and surprising appeal…. Sanders’ surprising success has already influenced Clinton’s conduct and fortunes, and there is every reason to believe that he will continue to challenge her, influence her, and create significant problems for her as the race continues.”

Trump news

Incredible amount of coverage these days.. the top four entries on Politicalwire today are Trump news…
Leading nationally, in New Hampshire, gaining quickly in Iowa…



Trump Quote of the Day
“There’s a movement going on. This is more than me. This is a movement going on. People are tired of these incompetent politicians in Washington who can’t get anything done.”
— Donald Trump, in an interview on CNN.

Trump Leads in New Hampshire
A new NBC News-Marist poll in New Hampshire finds Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential field with 21%, followed by Jeb Bush at 14%, Scott Walker at 12%, John Kasich at 7%. Chris Christie at 6%, Ben Carson at 6%, Marco Rubio at 5% and Ted Cruz at 5%.

Trump Nearly Catches Walker in Iowa
A new NBC News-Marist poll in Iowa finds Scott Walker leading the GOP presidential race with 19%, followed by Donald Trump at 17%, Jeb Bush at 12%, Ben Carson at 8%, Mike Huckabee at 7% and Rand Paul at 5%.

Trump Lead GOP Field Nationally
A new CNN-ORC poll finds Donald Trump leading the GOP presidential field nationally with 18%, followed by Jeb Bush at 15%, Scott Walker at 10%, Ted Cruz at 7% and Rand Paul at 6%.

“The majority of those Republicans surveyed that wants Trump to remain in the race includes numbers of those seen as the core of the GOP primary electorate: 58% of white evangelicals, 58% of conservatives, and 57% of tea party supporters.”