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Trump Maintains Lead in New Hampshire

From the second primary state – Trump seems to have won the race, while Sanders might take the Democratic vote. On Monday Iowa is just six weeks away, on Tuesday New Hampshire is seven weeks away.



A Boston Herald/Franklin Pierce poll in New Hampshire finds Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential race with 26%, followed by Marco Rubio at 12%, Ted Cruz at 12%, Chris Christie at 11%, Jeb Bush at 10% and John Kasich at 8%.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders barely leads Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race, 48% to 46%.

Trump Says He’s ‘Postponing’ Israel Trip, Netanyahu Meeting

Trump’s response to Netanyahu is very interesting news, as this is in some ways Trump’s first real action in the field of foreign policy as a possible President. And this is rough politics, and an open threat, and a stark contrast to Obama & Kerry’s style.

It’s also Trump starting to wield more power, one year before maybe formally gaining the position, and Israel will be listening.



A day after being criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his comments about Muslims, Donald Trump abruptly announced Thursday that he is "postponing" a planned trip to Israel and rescheduling a meeting with the country’s leader until "after I become President of the U.S."

Trump had previously promised to travel to Israel before the end of the year, and he was slated to meet with Netanyahu on December 28.

He tweeted the announcement early Thursday.

"I have decided to postpone my trip to Israel and to schedule my meeting with @Netanyahu at a later date after I become President of the U.S."

On Wednesday, Netanyahu rebuked Trump for his suggestion that the United States should place a temporary ban on Muslim entrants to the country.

Obama’s phony war

After Paris and now the Turkish shooting of a Russian plane, it looks like a big war has started with some small steps…
This could all have been avoided.. by pushing back aggression a long time ago..
It’s wrenching to see the world spiral into chaos and war, just because an arrogant and clueless person sits in power..



A Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the terrorists. Why was it there? Undoubtedly, to back up the ISIS boast that it is infiltrating operatives amid the refugees flooding Europe. The passport may have been fake, but the terrorist’s fingerprints were not. They match those of a man who just a month earlier had come through Greece on his way to kill Frenchmen in Paris.

If the other goal of the Paris massacre was to frighten France out of the air campaign in Syria — the way Spain withdrew from the Iraq war after the terrorist attack on its trains in 2004 — they picked the wrong country. France is a serious post-colonial power, as demonstrated in Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic and Mali, which France saved from an Islamist takeover in 2013.

Indeed, socialist President François Hollande has responded furiously to his country’s 9/11
with an intensified air campaign, hundreds of raids on suspected domestic terrorists, a state of emergency and proposed changes in the constitution to make France less hospitable to jihad.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, titular head of the free world, has responded to Paris with weariness and annoyance.
His news conference in Turkey was marked by a stunning tone of passivity, detachment and lassitude, compounded by impatience and irritability at the very suggestion that his Syria strategy might be failing.

..Hollande is trying to gather a real coalition to destroy the Islamic State, even as Obama touts his phony 65. For 11 post-World War II presidencies, coalition leading has been the role of the United States. Where is America today? Awaiting a president. The next president.

GOP Insiders See Trump Winning Several Early States

Just a little update – our earlier predictions from October 13th about Trump vs. Hillary for the next election seem to hold..
Both have a commanding lead in their parties, and in a few days we’re entering December..
This also has potentially big implications for the upcoming shifts in US domestic and foreign policy, 1 year from now.


Republican insiders tell Politico that Donald Trump “could take two of the first four early voting states, though they caution his hold on Iowa is weak.”

“Roughly three-in-four GOP insiders in New Hampshire and South Carolina, many of whom have been repeatedly and consistently skeptical of Trump’s chances, now say he would win their states if their primaries were held today… But his hold on Iowa and Nevada is more tenuous, according to insiders who note those states’ caucuses require significant organizational muscle to produce a win.”

Trump Expands His Lead Nationally

It still looks like Trump is holding his lead nationally and might win the early states, and the nomination..



A new Morning Consult poll finds Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican presidential field nationally by a wide margin, after seeing his support dip in late October.

Trump leads with 38%,
followed by Ben Carson at 19%, Marco Rubio at 7%, Ted Cruz at 7% and Jeb Bush at 6%.