The Persian Empire – 500 BC.

Just to get an idea of what we’re looking at – the origins of the ancient Persian Culture and Civilization.

The Achaemenid Empire – ruled by Cyrus the Great.

The Old Empire included Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, some of Greece, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of the Central Asian States, Kuwait, Palestine and parts of Libya. It bordered on India, China, and stretched towards Tunisia and Bulgaria.

It is called the First Empire of Mankind, and was later conquered by Alexander the Great.

But this period still remains the proudest part of Persian History and Identity.


6 thoughts on “The Persian Empire – 500 BC.

  1. In terms of classical civilizations, Persia is possibly the greatest of them all, and quite possibly the most overlooked. They built a wonderful system of roads, used government backed money, administered a government that was both unique and adaptable. They also used a system of mail delivery that the U.S. modeled their pony express after. Their contributions were really too many to list here!

  2. Great comment! I love discussing history and ancient civilizations, and the Persian Empire is something I know way too little about… they supposedly had a very open and multicultural way of running the empire, encouraging newly included territories to keep worshipping their own religion and preserving their old way of culture and traditions.. And I think the persians had some kind of simple moral code with a few basic rules, rewarding friendships and speaking the truth among other things. And I also think some of the Star Wars stuff about Jedis and the Dark Side is heavily inspired by the original persian faith as well.
    One day I’ll dig deeper into this….

  3. The code you’re thinking of is called Zoroastrianism. It had two very basic beliefs: Always tell the truth, and never go into debt. It was founded some time around 600 B.C.E and remained very popular until the Muslim religion took over. There are still pockets of it throughout the Middle East , India, and Central Asia even today.

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