The 1490s… the fate of Florence and Italy discussed..

This my son, is how we rule the land.

The show keeps getting better.. now onto the bigger games of Italy and the five great powers of Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples.. and how the French and Spanish kingdoms covet for the southern part of Italy..

There’s more great acting, and good insights into the power politics of the Catholic Church in Rome at the end of the 15th century. The tiny papal state has the power to crown kings in Europe with religious  authority – a power they exercise with complex strategies and alliances.

Only problem is the internal politics of the Vatican, and the fight for the Papacy among the Cardinals. Which is why the snubbed cardinal Giuliano della Rovere is travelling around Italy to gain support for a coup – involving a passage of French forces trough Milan and Florence to conquer the Kingdom of Naples, snatching the Vatican on the way. The French get Naples, Rovere becomes Pope, Florence has a new friend ruling the Church. That’s the theory, anyhow.

Machiavelli ponders the fate of Florence..

Major take-aways from the series are an insight to the nature of the Vatican’s big politics through the centuries, and a sense of the instabilites of city-states as sovereign entities. The endless games and rivalries among the tyrants is a losing construct for everyone – both for the rulers and for the public.

And you get the sense of how they often face all bad options in their fight for survival.

But the arts and the architecture, oh man…..