A struggling President.

A tough job.

This might have been the worst week of the Obama Presidency so far.

After implementing some counter-productive far-right policies last week, the markets dived and the US got kicked out of the AAA club. A massive and historic event, with both symbolics and real effects likely to be very bad.

Then the Bin Laden unit lost over twenty folks, and now more downgrades and market dives are probably coming up very shortly.

But this is what you get. Being nice and consensus-like in times of delusion and extreme political winds in the country. Unfortunately, a very different kind of strong political leadership is needed. Just look at the face, hair and posture at the picture. It looks like a great and good man, taking a toll and failing to meet the challenges of the Presidency. One would wish it was different.


5 thoughts on “A struggling President.

  1. I’m skeptical of the idea that tacking hard left would be helpful to the country or the President. On the other hand, if you’re constantly called a quasi Communist, you might as well live up to the name I guesse.

    • I’m reading about the fights FDR had in the 30s. He was called “Htiler” a lot. And many other things like commie and socialist. Traitor also.

      But – to the point – I’m wondering if it’s not fair to say that center and moderate politics is really what works. If you lean here or there is a matter of many things, but between the 40 or 30 yard lines is all good i think.

  2. My sense on the budget and debt issue was that Obama has missed many opportunities.

    First, I think he should have simply worked (from at least Jan 20, 2009) to let the Bush tax cuts in the entirety end in 2010. The focus on letting them expire only for those above $250,000 made the whole thing a fight about income distribution.

    I think it should have been about the debt. Simply emphasize that those rates were in place under Clinton and note the obviously better economic performance, and the budget in balance!!

    Nor did he seem to do anything about his own deficit commission. Even if he didn’t take their recommendation, he should have proposed an alternative. As a liberal I think he could have addressed the issue of entitlements with more credibility than any Republican, and try to do so in a humane way.

    I know you have great concerns about growing inequality. That gap between the rich and poor is growing seems very clear. My own sense is that we need to focus on this, but not too much from the perspective of wanting to level down the well off.

    In any case, the last minute resolution of the debt ceiling was clearly caused mostly by GOP recklessness, but I think the white house was also slow to get involved and missed chances to have had this addressed sooner and more reasonably.

    • Good assessments.
      And it sums it up really well. And I think the Obama Presidency has in large part become a story about all the things not done. In a time when action is needed, at least to avoid bigger problems down the road.

      The “class” perspective is mostly a trap, and one that liberals walk into every day. Focus on numbers and what is proven best practice, not “fairness” – which is way too much a subjective concept.

      Some believe Obama lost all drive and appetite for contact politics after the midterms. There might be some truth to that.

      And it should’ve been a fair game – to point out the sunshine of the 90s, and do more of the same.

  3. Ok…..

    I have to remind everyone here …..
    Do NOT forget the man….
    We have all compalined about Barack H. Obama and his governing/political style…
    Over and Over again….

    You gotta wise up folks…
    He’s NOT a fighter like FDR…
    He’s not a poltical infighter like LBJ..
    He’s not an operator like GH Bush…
    He’s Barack…
    Easy going…
    ‘Why dodn’t we get along’….

    As T&P here has been down on the President..
    I have also…
    But I do believe that in the end he DOES get SOME things done….
    History tends to smooth things out…
    It WILL do so for Obama…

    But he’s gonna have to do better next year
    Cause the GOPer’s want his job…
    And Obama’s working for the long term..
    May allow him only ONE term…

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