FDR on right wing destruction.

The 1930’s..

From a campain speech in Baltimore, 1932.

“I am waging a war in this campaign, a frontal attack against the “four horsemen” of the present Republican leadership – the horsemen of Destruction. Delay. Deceit. Despair.”

“The [GOP doctrine] is so unsound, so inimical to true progress, that it has left behind in its trail everywhere economic paralysis, industrial chaos, poverty and suffering”.


7 thoughts on “FDR on right wing destruction.

  1. “For 12 years our nation was afflicted with hear nothing, see nothing, do nothing government: 9 crazy years at the ticker and 3 long years in the breadline; 9 mad years of mirage and 3 long years of despair. And, my friends, powerful influences strive today to restore that kind of government with its doctrine that that government is best which is most indifferent to mankind.”

    stump speech from Roosevelt’s first re-election campaign

  2. Nah…. within this decade I sort of think the fight will turn and progressive America will gain more ground. I really do. Not a thought for self-comfort, but more a reading of history and shifting times. A feature of cultural gravity almost.

    in some ways this rise of new powercenters around the globe does mean a weaking of US industrialists and the oligarch’s tentacles – after some decades of hegemony. And that means less strength to subdue the people and government.

    But the luncay and superstition bothers a bit.. democracy needs a sane and rational population to work.

    • Just came across something new – maybe from Stewart? Anyway, go take a look at americanselect.org

      That’s “Americans elect” – new way to vote sort of thing.

  3. Ah, that guy was on Colbert last night! He did good – while Stephen was funny. And it looks really interesting – if it could amount to some pressure. Real pressure and not poll-pressure.

    The whole idea seems kind of breath-taking though – skip old structures and let the issues bubble up. I’ll investigate some more…

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