One-Two Punch from Turkey.

Turkey is making headlines by the day now – punching Israel, US and Europe left and right. Emboldened and grabbing the Middle East power vacuum with both hands.


Turkey - 300 yrs ago.

From PressTV:

Turkey says it does not need US mediation meant to normalize the country’s ties with Israel.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, responding to a question at a televised press conference in Ankara on Saturday, insisted that Turkey does not “need mediation… for Israel in any way,” AFP reported.

“There is no such situation in which mediation is needed. The demands of Turkey are clear,” he stated.

[..] “Relations with Israel cannot normalize if Israel does not apologize over the Flotilla attack, compensate the martyrs’ families and lift the blockade of Gaza,” Erdogan said.

The last demand about Gaza being pretty much impossible, these are unusually harsh statements.

And vs. the EU, towards which they perhaps rightly are fed up with the gloss of pretention that Europe ever will admit a 98% muslim country into the Union, here’s this:

ANKARA (Reuters) – EU-candidate Turkey will freeze relations with the European Union if Cyprus is given the EU presidency in 2012, Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay was quoted as saying by state-run news agency Anatolian late on Saturday.

The comments were the strongest yet by Ankara over its opposition to the Cyprus presidency and could mark the start of a new low point in ties between the European Union and Turkey which began accession talks to the bloc in 2005.

Full story.


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