Of every dollar I earn….

Some kid from the “let him die” debate wanted to know how much he should be allowed keep of every dollar “I earn”. They repeated this on the “boo of soldier” debate.

Maybe it’s time to turn things around. How much is he willing to pay – to be a member of society, for schools, military, police, roads, public spaces, parks, protection from supression and abuse by private capital, libraries, various publics services, some sort of government to run all these things.

And if the answer is nothing – then who should pay.


2 thoughts on “Of every dollar I earn….

    • Exactly. I want everything and pay nothing! Yeay!

      I think the greeks warned about some of this when inventing democracy some thousand years ago. What if politicians start to promise lots of goodies and lower taxes at the same time? How will the voters respond?

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