Rahm plans 100 miles of new bike lanes.


Yep, right there. Rahm's Lane.

Good old Rahmbo is all over again. Boat Houses yesterday, Bike Lanes today. Connecting to a long mayoral tradition in Chicago and aiming for the spot as most bike-friendly city in the US.

From Reuters:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – New Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make Chicago the most bike-friendly place in the United States, building on a long pedigree of bike advocacy in the city that dates to the 19th century.

In 1897, mayoral candidate Carter H. Harrison II successfully campaigned as “the cyclists’ champion.” Bike-riding mayor Richard M. Daley expanded on-street marked bike lanes to 115 miles in his 22 years in office.

Emanuel plans to outdo both Daley and other bike-friendly U.S. cities.

In four years, he wants to create 100 miles of protected bike paths — not just painted lines on the street but paths separated from car traffic by posts or other dividers. By next summer, he wants the city’s first large-scale bike-sharing program, starting with 3,000 bikes.

Full story.


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