TPM redesign.

Two sections of TalkingPointsMemo are now live in redesigned look: Tpm2012 and IdeaLab.

It looks nice. And Marshall’s thoughts on the process is here.


5 thoughts on “TPM redesign.

  1. I think I told you this before – I’m proud to be a charter donor to TPM. He began as a one man blog – one column, one author, the usual – while he was getting his PhD. A few years in, he envisioned TPM as we know it and described it all in a new post. He asked readers if htey’d help finance the launch. I sent a small amount.

    I feel like a parent whose kid is doing well!

    • Yep – $25 wasn’t it?
      And you should be proud of your offspring!

      He’s managed to keep a simple concept so far I think – even with a fast growing staff. I read somewhere they’ll be about two hundred folks geared up for the primaries and elections next year. He seems very bright – and has created something unique and nice on a new media format. Most struggle with old newspaper mindsets and organizations I suppose. And his thoughts about clutter and resisting pressures on the publisher bodes well.

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