Get Money Out. Constitutional Amendment.

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan beats the drum – Jimmy Williams drafts the Amendment; Money Out of Politics.


All contributions banned. By Constitutional Amendment.

And this is fresh. All conceivable money contributions to be banned from federal elections:

No person, corporation or business entity of any type, domestic or foreign, shall be allowed to contribute money, directly or indirectly, to any candidate for Federal office or to contribute money on behalf of or opposed to any type of campaign for Federal office. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, campaign contributions to candidates for Federal office shall not constitute speech of any kind as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or any amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Congress shall set forth a federal holiday for the purposes of voting for candidates for Federal office.”

The website for petition broke down immediately.

And kudos to Ratigan. This is straight at the inner core of the problem.

Update. The petition is here. Over 20.000 signed up just the first few hours.

Full story.


4 thoughts on “Get Money Out. Constitutional Amendment.

  1. I signed the petition. Now we need to call out the corporate media who rakes in much of the $5-7 billion dollars expected to be spent by candidates in 2012.

    Cover the story here and take your responsibility seriously. Look in the mirror corporate media. Are you just for profit or will you step in and take responsibility as the 4th estate, as the protector of freedom and not just another for profit corporation.?

    Look in the mirror new foundation. Are you doing this to self promote, or are you really trying to make our politicians accountable to the people?

    It’s time for real change. Thank you in advance for doing the right thing.

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