Return of Putin – and emigration from Russia.


12 more years - young russians react.

The younger generation of russians react to news about Putin 2012 – 2024:

“A year ago I told all my friends who were leaving that I would never do that, no way!” wrote a magazine editor named Yevgeniya Lobacheva in a posting on another Web site. “But I have only one life. Twelve years! I will be 43!”

[..] “I want to live in a country where I don’t need to break the rules to live in comfort,” said Stepan Chizhov, 29, who markets board games like Monopoly and is preparing to leave for Canada with his wife next summer.

“I just don’t want to have to fight the system,” Mr. Chizhov said. “I want the system to be a comfort to me. I want to live easily. And there’s no possibility in Russia in the next 20 years to follow the laws, follow the rules and live in comfort.”

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2 thoughts on “Return of Putin – and emigration from Russia.

    • Thanks – we’re staying on it!

      And I don’t really think he’s an expansionist tyrant from the cold war – but he might be of a strongman philosophy which could hurt the people and mess up Eurasia and Central Asia.
      This “stability first, then democracy” meme could be bent to accommodate lots of different pursuits.

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