Bloomberg exposes criminal activity at Koch’s


Koch Brothers and dealings with Iran.

Bloomberg runs an extensive front-page story today about the Koch Brother’s alleged criminal activities and profits from possible illegal trading with Iran through various middlemen.

Interesting developments.

Full story.


7 thoughts on “Bloomberg exposes criminal activity at Koch’s

  1. Yep.. and I’m wondering if not some other forces are at play now. I’m always assuming that most giant companies are breaking the law all the time – at least those operating in countries with other businesspractices and cultures and all that.

    So these kinds of “revelations” do have some kind of timing to them, I suspect. Someone chooses to break the story for a reason.

    And let’s hope a dam breaks.

    This story sort of moved it from “hippie-outlets” to mainstream media. That changes a lot of things.

    • Hehe yeps! In with this Khodorkovsky fellow.

      And this little club have been playing with the planet for long enough. Mr. Rove is surely also right in there. I think this pac of his was 90% funded by three people. Three people! Pouring millions into close races and having their way on every single issue.
      They might not get away with it for very much longer.

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