Putin’s first statement – make Eurasian Union.


Not really Eurasia - but Putins pet project.

In his first public statement after the self-reinstatement as Russian President next year, Putin calls for a more integrated Eurasian Union – though based upon voluntary participation, and modeled on the economic and trade union of Europe.

In regards to any resemblance with the former Soviet Union:

The idea is not to recreate the Soviet Union in some form,” Putin writes, adding that the Eurasian Union would combine human and economic capital of its members to “ensure the stability of global development.”

Russia is still not admitted to the World Trade Organization:

The plan to create a Eurasian Union raises questions as to Russia’s future within the World Trade Organization, which has been a permanent issue on the foreign policy agenda of President Dmitry Medvedev.

Russia is the biggest economy still outside the trade organization, and has pursued membership for many years. Putin did not explain in his article however how unification with other post-Soviet states would help its accession.

The strange part here is really the choice of name. A Eurasian Union without Europe, Middle East, China, Japan or India – is just really a fraction of the continent. It’s not at all a union of the continent, and it’s a tiny economic power. They should perhaps have come up with something better. “The Comrades” would’ve had a nice cultural tone to it.

And it’s hard to tell how much of this is for domestic consumption, how much is the grand chessboard, how much is personal vanity, and how much is some rational economic policies for stability and security.

The translated article is here.


5 thoughts on “Putin’s first statement – make Eurasian Union.

    • I had a pun about the symbolics of this in the original post, but left it out. But you’re right of course – it’s impossible to see it any differently – Putin being an ex-KGB and his statements about the collapse in ’89 as the biggest catastrophe in the 20th century.

      Maybe I’ll have to eat my comment from yesterday, maybe he really is something to worry about.

    • Another go at Afghanistan? Take back Georgia? Mess with China on the far east border?
      And for sure – play with energy policy and fill any voids in the Middle East. A long menu of sweets.

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