Something is happening.


Not holding back anymore.

Suddenly normally cautious cable news people like Martin Bashir is loudly slamming corrupt members of congress, zooming in on pictures and naming representatives – and dollars and donors and voting records.

We’re starting to suspect this: The shock of ’08 was quelled and channeled into a new President with hopes of change. This never happened. Now it’s about to break.


6 thoughts on “Something is happening.

    • Oh yes!
      Now this has become real “news” – so the coverage changes.

      And it’s a bit like democracy unfolds outside of “the system” – which is corrupt and partly irrelevant at the moment. Madison, WI was dismissed and never broke through, but this already has in a very different way.

    • We get used to shutting up, don’t we. The news pretend both sides are legitimate, that facts and opinion are the same. And many are soo afraid of being labeled by the bullies, and tag along. But once more speak up, and more stories like that about Koch’s surface, and maybe Murdoch gets more heat too – the climate can change a whole lot very quickly. I’m cautiously optimistic. Bashir last night was intensily angry about some scum (you know who) who wants to cut heating subsidies for poor, after crashing the economy and still wanting to take more from the people. He was not in a mood to parrot some rubbish about why that is best for the country.

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