Loss of Legitimacy.


Not by the People.

At times it’s starting to feel like the bigger issue now is the loss of legitimacy of the democratic institutions in America. Approval is at times lower than ten percent – and most often both elections and public opinion have ceased to have any real influence on the government.

When folks wonder about the “coherent voice” and “demands” of the growing movement – it’s sort of missing the point. People have lost their means of influence – and disagree with the rulers on issues like economy and foreign policy. It really is that simple.

And when all this is said and done – the boring solution to the whole problem is just passing electoral campaign reforms and get money out of politics. Then we’ll be alright.


6 thoughts on “Loss of Legitimacy.

  1. Thanks!

    And maybe this is just plain and ancient wisdom about human societies – that some are driven into the role of wealthy and greedy – and then go too far in search for ever more. So we eventually get a change, out of a variety of different natures. And this one will perhaps be medium in speed and mostly non-violent. But dense and persistent. Time will tell.

  2. Good get T&P…..

    It seems that the people sent to Congress and the White House forget they where elected to work THRU their petty grips and move to HELP the 314 American’s out there…

    That the needs of the Many should NOT be subordinate to one Political party, Religion or Corporation….

    Oh, quickly they forget about those who sent them….

    Then come election time it’s back to the little fibs that can get your vote……

    • Or even just playing theatrics for elections, having other plans and funding all along. If you think about how corrupt a “climate” could become within a working place, a school, a little village – the mainstream “just how it is” mentality on tiny Capitol Hill is probably very hard to escape or resist being shaped by.

      But this will straighten out. My guess is that this summer made the turning point. Then all of those tens of millions of people who generally hate and avoid politics were shaken up and awoken I think. Mix this with “Occupy” as the right place, label, symbolics, timing – and a younger generation with more “people power” than before, and the enormous middle class sympethizing; I think this will be one of the best and most beatiful “revolutions” (meaning just change/renewal) in recent human history.

      And I’m also surprised, if it persists, how quickly it happened, in relative terms. Something like 2016, 2017, 2018 would’ve sounded more likely.

  3. First-time visitor here. Nice site!

    DC politics has always been tough. One major difference today than 200 years ago is that the people are more informed about the tough fights that occur. One could argue that because we know more today and get information faster, that contributes to complacency toward government.

    The money factor is huge. Once elected, our representatives are constantly mining for dollars for the next election – especially on the House side. If they would only dress like NASCAR drivers!

    Then there is the need to follow the party line to maintain their money flow for reelection. Push against the party line, one would not last long. Thus their votes are more aligned with money and party than with the people. However, on the Senate side, we see some incumbents going against the party because of a need to win votes.

    A loss of credibility? Yes. A loss of legitimacy? I’m not sure.

    • Thanks – and welcome!

      I’ve been wondering about some of the same at times. Following politics very closely feels like a process of rough insights and perhaps in part necessary disillusionment.
      And things have been worse before – with blood and violence on the Senate floor, and maybe even more corruption before TR or FDR came to power and started cleaning up things.

      So the pendulum swings back and forth,
      probably right about this decade I think. But we’ll see.

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