One month in Zuccotti.


Zuccotti keeps going.

The standoff was cancelled yesterday – as the base camp for Occupy – right at the heart of the most corruptive forces on government, keeps going. And as an outlet and indication of a larger resentment among the people after decades of private wealth dismantling the democratic institutions, this might be a good step forward towards better democracy and a better country.

From the NY Times:

Inside City Hall, the calls poured in late Thursday, predicting a debacle: Hundreds of people sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street protest were streaming into Lower Manhattan, vowing to resist a forced cleanup of the park taken over by demonstrators.

“This is not going in a good direction,” Daniel L. Squadron, a state senator, recalled telling aides to the mayor.

Just before midnight came a sign that the calls were having an impact: The park’s owner, also under pressure, e-mailed City Hall to say the plan should be canceled. The mayor’s office agreed — the police would stand down and the protesters would remain, with their sleeping bags and tents, in Zuccotti Park.

Full story.


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