“Man in a Beret”, by Picasso 14 yrs old.

Long before his blue and pink periods in his early twenties, and long before the later decades of experimental cubism and surrealism – Pablo Picasso had a short stint at realism and classical painting in his early teens..


Man in a Beret, Pablo Picasso.

This painting is from 1895, when the artist was 14 years old.


Science and Charity, 1897.

Two years later – he did this painting at 80 x 100″. 16 years old..


5 thoughts on ““Man in a Beret”, by Picasso 14 yrs old.

  1. he really is one of the most complex artists we have ever seen. rubens and titian both had large outputs of work, because they lived so long, but never did any artist, including that wonderful matisse, hit so many marks, sometimes within the same year. he is even more astounding 40 years after his death.

    • Couldn’t agree more. What usually would count for a full life’s work from most of the other greatest painters in history, is just a brief and passing period in Picasso’s life. Can’t really think of anyone remotely similar to his stature in the world of music or literature. Astounding indeed.

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