Jobs Plan vs. pollution and more fraud.

In a somewhat remarkable shift the last few months, the President has slowly seized control over the national agenda and keeps steadily pushing the Jobs Bill and a specific point of view – rather than pandering to the minority and hoping that the other side will some day meet half way. It never happened and it never will. It only made the minority pull farther and farther to the extreme right.

But now the GOPs are on the defensive, running behind in crisis mode and whining at the slightest sign of retaliation after three years of constant bomb throwing and madeup allegations about the WH policy proposals. The President has a Jobs Plan independent economists agree would create jobs and do good – the other side has an ultra-conservative 1% plan to allow more pollution and more fraud on Wall Street. With no relevance to jobs.


2 thoughts on “Jobs Plan vs. pollution and more fraud.

    • In some ways – I fear exactly that development, as it quickly could defuse the whole occupy movement. Obama takes more charge, GOP pretends to accept a 20/80 tax hike spending cuts budget philosophy – congress seems to be working again, and people say oh well let’s see.

      On the other hand, the real knowledge about the last decades in economic terms might have just started to spread to the really big masses, which could make the backlash last for generations.

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