Turkey sends troops into Northern Iraq.


The Kurds are currently living in Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

After the Kurdish PKK killed 26 turkish security forces this week – Turkey has now launced a big military operation into Northern Iraq with 22 battalions with air support.

Turkey grows more assertive by the day – and a new Middle East is rapidly taking shape with a life on its own, often with indications of a return to the structure of the Ottoman Empire – who ruled the region for four centuries straight up until WWI.

From Press TV:

A large-scale land operation, backed by air strikes, has begun in five separate spots inside Turkey and across the border with 22 battalions,” AFP quoted the Turkish military as announcing on Thursday.

The air and land operation is under way,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters right after the announcement by the Armed Forces. “The operation is result-oriented,” he added.

Turkish warplanes have bombed PKK strongholds in northern Iraq several times since August, killing between 145 and 160 of its members and operatives. Turkey’s airstrikes had threatened its relations with Iraq.

Full story.


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