Meanwhile, the Senate.


We'll keep on voting.

Why not. If a political minority decides to block everything to hurt the country and gamble on putting the blame on the incumbents, the majority is left with no other choice in the end – than to expose and add pressure.

So now it’s all about the Jobs Bill – as a package or in small parts.

From WaPo:

In a particularly interesting moment, reporters repeatedly pressed Reid to explain why he was going to force Republicans to vote this way, given that they have already said they’ll never support raising taxes. (It would be nice to see these reporters question Republicans as aggressively on why they won’t back policies that even GOP voters like, but that’s probably expecting too much.) But Reid refused to give ground, again and again pointing out that the public is on the side of Dems, and against Republicans, on this issue.

“The Republicans in the Senate are the only group of people in America that feel this way,” Reid said, in a reference to their opposition to the millionaire surtax. “Around the country, Democrats, independents, and Republicans support what we’re trying to do.” As it happens, large majorities also support increased infrastructure spending — including of GOP voters.

Full story.


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