68% of the 1% support tax hikes!


Not so much one voice, after all.

Turns out a majority of the millionaires are committing class warfare on themselves. Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal finds that 68% of the millionaires support higher taxes on the millionaires.

Maybe the way out of this mess is just to prosecute Koch, Murdoch and the rest of the petty thieves and crooks, and get some alternative electoral funding from others in the mean time – while passing campaign reforms and wash out the crap. It increasingly looks like this “1%” is really just a handful of people doing all the damage.

The poll also shows that most of the millionaires like Buffett.

From the Plum Line:

This Wall Street Journal story on a new poll finding that 68 percent of millionaires support higher taxes on millionaires is getting a lot of attention today. As Steve Benen joked: “Can the rich wage class warfare on themselves?”

What’s particularly interesting about this survey, however, is what it found about millionaire attitudes towards Warren Buffett. As you’ll recall, his “Buffett Rule” crusade against millionaires paying lower taxes than the middle class triggered an outpouring of rage on the right. Millionaires, however, don’t seem to mind what Buffett is up to.

Full story.

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