Primaries just two months away.

The final version of the gop primary calendar seems to be this:

January 3, 2012 Iowa (caucus)
January 10, 2012 New Hampshire (primary)
January 21, 2012 South Carolina (primary)
January 31, 2012 Florida (primary)
February 4, 2012 Nevada (caucus)

So Florida ended up fourth – pushing Nevada out of the early state bloc. And we’ll see how fast Romney settles the race. At the moment the diversion is mostly Cain, then maybe we’ll have a bit of Newt, then comes the Holidays, then it’ll become more serious.


2 thoughts on “Primaries just two months away.

    • Cain, Perry, Romney. What a bunch.

      But maybe it’ll be drowned out by a financial crash, a goverment crisis/shutdown, occupy establishing itself as a new progressive assembly, mass prosecution of 1%ers.
      Or maybe Newt has an affair!

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