We need strong business AND strong government.

This is so basic and true. The mix of business and government is always thorny by nature, but essential for a society to prosper. Too much of either one is bad. And if you look at the numbers over the last thirty years, business has become way too strong. The loser, is the people.

Bill Clinton lays it out:


4 thoughts on “We need strong business AND strong government.

  1. Making me a little nostalgic for the 90s. Of course, if it were the 90s, then I would be able to see Uncle Bill speaking on YouTube…I’d have to wait and see what the news outlets funnelled my way.

    Why is it that government is such a dirty word to so many, but it’s the same many who wouldn’t dream of doing without [their] government services. (how very NIMBY)

    I sort of like my government…I like the federal highways I drive on. I like the schools that I can barely afford to attend. I like what protections my government provides.

    • Good points! And government is after all sort of the protection from concentrated private wealth in forms of kings, oligarchs, despots, tyrants, bankers, mafia, warlords, so on. It’s supposed to be the people’s thing, the institution of democracy and the joint chip-in for the common good.
      This turning folks against their own government, by those who profit from a weak state, has gone way too far the last decades I think. And hopefully we’re starting to see a major push-back building up this year. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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