1% – or just a handful.


Tipping over.

As we’ve noticed before a majority of the 1% would like to pay higher taxes, just a few percentagepoints more to fix the country and get moving with a mixed approach of revenue and mostly spending cuts.

And numbers now show that this 1% accounts for about 14.000 families, while the 0.1% is a group with an average income of $30 million.

But the problem might just boil down to a handful of people. Most humans can’t handle unlimited power and wealth. You get brain damage. Kochs, Murdochs, Nero, Hitler, Napoleon, Gaddafi, all unhinged rulers with dictatorial powers, all suffering from severe delusional disorders.


3 thoughts on “1% – or just a handful.

    • They probably lost the Senate in 2010 because of Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle, so they could overplay their hand again.
      And if the Koch’s boost donations to $300-400 million next year, which they probably don’t realize have any moral dimension or potential for public backlash attached to it, that could be the case.

      I’m still not sure though, that even a supermajority democratic congress will pass campaign reform and tax hikes, and trustbusting and the rest of it.
      But it could be.

  1. I’m also wondering what kind of “internal war” could be brewing within this 1% or 0.1%. Once there is weakness on the part of folks like Koch or Murdoch – the backstabbers will be roaming in the shadows.

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