South Carolina Debate.


South Carolina. The Candidates.

Yet another GOP debate was held in South Carolina last night, but this one was far better then many of the previous hyper-drive circuses from the past few months. This time the tone was different; the backdrop colors were a lot calmer and more soothing, the questions more substantial and issue-oriented, the candidate’s detours were quickly drawn back into place, and pleads for more time and irrelevant interruptions were shut down. All in all a huge improvement.

As for a general summary – friend Moe has a great one here.

And a few notes:

  • Some in the crowd boooed Cain’s yes to waterboarding!
  • Same crowd then cheered Paul’s “waterboarding is torture and un-American”. A frantic female candidate was immediately shut down.
  • A general tone of more sanity, with Romney, Santorum, Paul and Huntsman (and Newt in form, though not substance) almost dominating as a group.
  • “We will not have booing” from the moderators seemed to work well
  • Perry jumbles China-will-go-the-way-of-Soviet analogy
  • Now China is “stealing our jobs”, not 1% is outsourcing for profits!
  • Questions from Senators Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint was a nice twist. It added some kind of seriousness and relevance to the whole thing. In one year one of those on the stage could be their “boss” in the White House.
  • Newt says “science” is important!
  • Others think we should scrap “The Great Society” by LBJ and do like China. They grow better than US.

Other than this, there was probably very little movement in relative strength and positions before the primaries in January. Most of the candidates seem to just do their thing by now, seeking publicity or pushing a view.

Full debate here.

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