Recall in Wisconsin.


Democracy strikes back.

Latest poll now says that 58% favor a recall of Gov. Walker in Wisconsin, while Republican support of a recall is up from 7% to 24%.

Petitions started yesterday and requires 540k signatures, a quarter of the ballots cast in the last general election. The aim is 750k.

The timetable:

  • The WI Government Accountability Board veryfies the signatures.
  • Election is called six weeks after that.
  • If there is a contested primary, generel election is four weeks after the primaries.

Some reasoning for the recall:

Scott Walker ran on a moderate platform to create jobs and bring economic stability to Wisconsin. There was nothing in his campaign about outlawing collective bargaining and destroying unions; nothing about privatizing all state services; nothing about giving huge tax breaks to corporations while cutting funding on virtually every state program Wisconsinites have come to depend on.

More here.


4 thoughts on “Recall in Wisconsin.

    • Yep, one might just see it as one of many pushbacks..
      As more people realize how wrecked things are.

      And the general trend of “enlightenment” and dressing down the scams is pretty much a one-way street….

    • Well said!
      And I think it’s sort of encouraging – how the trends and agendas have shifted the last few months. This recall, the Occupy, small things in Congress, general mood and political climate, it’s a loooong way to go still, but things have finally started. The 30 yr scam is halted.
      And once people tip, there’s no going back.

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