Millionaires for Tax Hikes.


Tax us. We wouldn't even notice.

This was the message from 140 millionaires to Congress this week:

Please do the right thing,” the entrepreneurs and business leaders wrote President Barack Obama and congressional leaders, noting that they benefited from a sound economy and now want others to do so. “Raise our taxes.”

The letter was signed by 138 members of “Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength.” The group was created a year ago during a failed bid to persuade Congress to end tax cuts for millionaires enacted under Republican former President George W. Bush.

[..] Eric Schoenberg, chairman of CampusWorks, Inc, a higher education technology company, said if Congress ended Bush-era tax cuts it would affect him and his fellow millionaires in the group “about as much as a dead fly interrupts a picnic.”

Something similar was released this summer, only at that time with the support of just 38 of the millionaries. Over a triple increase in such a short time might be indicative of the much larger and massive shift taking place in the country these months. An enormous dam might be about to break.

Full story.


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