Cartoon: Mr. Not Romney


Voting for Not Romney.


6 thoughts on “Cartoon: Mr. Not Romney

    • It could become a huge mess. No clear front-runner and more sniping from the sidelines.

      And a recurring thought in the last few days has been whether the GOP will die like the Whigs and Federalists once did, or if it will manage to fully rinse and renew itself in the coming years.

    • Yep, I thought the same this morning. This was a solid win in a huge state – and it feels like he sort of settled it for now, even if huge blocks probably will never fall to peace with it.

      But the math is safely on his side still, big picture. If he has 1000-1100 delegates in June, and Santorum around 600 f.ex., the voters have spoken pretty clearly I think. And he probably is the stronger candidate vs. Obama, too.

      Even as flawed he might be in some aspects.

      And that would leave two moderates running for President in November 🙂

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