Republican Debate, Iowa Dec 10th.

And then there were six..


2 thoughts on “Republican Debate, Iowa Dec 10th.

  1. I watched of course – on delay so I could fast forward through the questions. I’ve found it’s not necessary to listen to the quetstions at all – especially from someone like Diane Sawyer(!!).

    • Yeah.. she likes her own voice..
      And I made a list of general notes while watching, but you know this “mehhh….” feeling. I didn’t feel like telling the interwebs this time.
      And it might just be the Holidays, but I feel like I’m zooming a bit out of politics again.
      The field is just crap, Barry will most likely stay on for a second term,
      and the whole I don’t know.. things will probably get better, the wheels are in motion sort of.

      And I’m reading (finally) the Suskind book on the 1% doctrine, and that meeting when Cheney lays out the new guidelines for handling foreign policy – that was the starting point of something horrendous that lasted for many many years. It feels like that era is slowly fading out. Just as one of many examples.
      But we’ll see..

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