TR Documentary – for inspiration and perspective.

Here are three hours of great documentary on the life of Teddy Roosevelt:

And there’s so many things to say about this impressive man and his work, that it’s really hard to know where to start.. But to stick to just one side of his achievements and efforts, that of within politics, he kind of reinvented the whole US Presidency and laid the framework and set the example for a full American Century – later followed up by FDR and LBJ.

Other interesting sides of TR were the naturlist, the writer, the trust-buster, the cowboy, the adventurer, the historian and the safari hunter.

And he built the Panama Canal.

And he’s the founder of the Progressive movement – a useful blueprint for fixing America in the 2010’s.

And the list goes on…


10 thoughts on “TR Documentary – for inspiration and perspective.

  1. In some ways, I think he may cause us to have unrealistic expectations of the office of President though.

    It was a fluke in a way his becoming Presidents. I think Republican King makers of his time expected to keep him out of the way as McKinley’s VP, and then an assasination changed the game.

    • Yep, a tiny miscalculation there – wiping him “off stage” into the VP spot.

      And how about that denouncing of a third term he did? He called it the biggest mistake of his presidency I think.

      And another energetic progressive conservative president could be a great thing – even though they probably are far apart, maybe once a century!

      • I just finished a book called “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr. It’s a historical fiction book about the pursuit of one the first serial killers set in New York City when TR was police commissioner there. The author makes him instrumental in the story which shows his eagerness to learn about new sciences (forensics and criminal psychology), his family life and how he tried to fix the the corruption of the NYC police dept.

        If you haven’t read it, I’d definitely recommend finding a copy.

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