The Tea Party Track Record.

From Pwire/ John Avlon, after Iowa:

The most ominous sign for the GOP might be the low turnout in Iowa after the Tea Party-driven enthusiasms of 2010. Roughly 123,000 of 640,000 registered Republicans in the state turned out to vote, along the lines of 2008, when dueling Democrats absorbed most of the electoral energy.”

So let’s consider the track record here.. The Tea Party overwhelmingly won the 2010 midterms and gained some 80 seats in the House of Representatives.

The result? They drove the country into a downgrade, they opposed a tax cut for 160 million people, and they have deeply divided the right into a moderate-conservative and an extreme far right bloc – perhaps even handing the 2012 general election to the other side.

So this has not been very skillful politics on the part of Matt Kibbe and the Tea Party.. And this is why this mindless opposition and arbitrary “consistency” doesn’t work in practice.

Pragmatism and compromise works better.


2 thoughts on “The Tea Party Track Record.

  1. Let the Tea Party keep on doing what they are doing, by driving the wedge between the moderate-sane Republicans, and the extreme right-wing need to be on Thorazine wackos.

    I read where most of the Tea Party nut jobs are from the former Confederate States, so what does that tell you?

    • I really can’t see the Cantor’s stopping this year, some are probably furious by the “cave” before the holidays.. they’ll ruin everything.

      And I’m reading some more about Adams and Madison these days,
      and the divide (culturally, socially, politically, climatewise) between the north and the south was always the greatest worry above everything else…

      I also like this workings of democracy – how the institutions absorb an aggressive movement like the Tea Party, let them into the process, and then dampen/expose the whole thing. It’s just for two years, and a lot might be sent home next fall. They really have failed.

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