State of the State – Andrew Cuomo 2012.

Interesting speech from Cuomo yesterday – about quickly rebuilding the Empire State and start “running” this year, after “learning to walk” in 2011.

His jobs plan for the State is this:


$25B Jobs Plan for New York State, with $15B Infrastructure.

And the sense of creating a culture of co-operation and bi-partisanship seems convincing so far.

Watch the whole speech here.


the subtext of Cuomo 2016 runs through the whole thing.. A bold Jobs Plan, more progressive tax-rates, “we’re all New Yorkers first” (could be switched to Americans), playing on history and a sense of pride over former big achievements – all of this fits nicely into a national context. If these things turn out well, he should be a strong contender four years from now.

4 thoughts on “State of the State – Andrew Cuomo 2012.

    • Good point,
      it seems he’s a bit more… flexible and discreet perhaps, taking on the various camps around the state. And he sort of makes this two things on the progressive left, and one thing on the conservative side type of mix.
      And his prospects for national level makes him a bit different too, I think.

    • Now I finally got to see it! Thanks for the tip.
      They’ve got quite a few people talking there.. but man.. he walked into this whole mess all by himself. I somehow thought it was more of a setup.
      And that mutual funds stuff? He did a lot of good vs. wall street – and I would presume too, that he gets back in public or political life again some day – still relatively young, smart and very driven it seems.

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