200k jobs added in December.

The economy keeps growing, too slow yes, but still steady.

Pwire: The U.S. economy added 200,000 jobs in December, beating expectations. The unemployment rate fell to 8.5%.

6 thoughts on “200k jobs added in December.

    • It’s 22 months of private sector job growth now.. come November next fall they might claim “almost three years” of consecutive growth.

      While pounding Romney as a job killer.

      • Yep.. it’s not really “good news” I think. Probably mostly just Holiday temps at the counter, while the rate drops as folks become “discouraged workers”.

        But the politics of it could be productive.

    • Good!
      If the “outside” political pressure from this fall keeps building – we’ll soon have some more changes to the jobs market set-up, and booming times will return!

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