Romney might settle this before Florida.


Stuck with Mitt.

Latest polls from New Hampshire:

NBC-Marist Poll: Mitt Romney 42%, Ron Paul 22%, Rick Santorum 13%, Newt Gingrich 9%, Jon Huntsman 9%, Rick Perry 1%

WMUR-UNH Poll: Mitt Romney 44%, Ron Paul 20%, Newt Gingrich 8%, Rick Santorum 8%, Jon Huntsman 7%, Rick Perry 1%

Franklin Center Poll: Mitt Romney 37%, Ron Paul 19%, Jon Huntsman 16%, Rick Santorum 14%, Newt Gingrich 9%, Rick Perry 1%

Next up is South Carolina – which historically always picks the eventual nominee, and who takes this very seriously. Which suggests another Romney win after NH.

And if so, this race might be over in just two weeks.


9 thoughts on “Romney might settle this before Florida.

  1. What’s really surprising is his poll numbers in the upcoming southern primaries. Good numbers.

    For me though, at this point mac, it’s entirely about watching the Gingrich side show. It’s like watching a horror movie; you hold your breath and you know he’s gonna get it in the end, but you don’t know when!

    • And he’s getting more extreme by the day – on both wings!! He wants to get rid of negativity and Super PACS (liberal views), while getting back to child labor and apartheid!

      Maybe it’s a logical end-point to self-centered aggressive politics – any view that profits me at this particular moment goes.

      And SC just wants to pick right – strangely enough, considering the general strain of politics in that state..

  2. Btw. Moe, I’m reading John Adams, a bit slow start – but now Jefferson came along, really really great stuff. I think I thought he was more outgoing and social than described so far.

    • You’re going to enjoy this book . . . I especailly enjoyed the Boston stories – they were so real. Of course you must add Ron Chernow’s Hamilton too – just superb. And at this point I can’t remember what you said you’ve read – hell I can’t remember what I read!

  3. Yes. He really writes well – and it’s a bit like “Truman”, it slowed around 100 pages, then suddenly you’re hooked again.

    And you can really feel the fear and terrifying prospects – as they sign the Declaration in the summer of ’76 and know there will be blood and merciless retaliation.

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