The vulture capitalist.

The political climate is shifting yet again – at the moment driven by extreme far right’s attacks on the unnecessary and destructive practices of crookedness falsely labeled as “capitalism”.

From Wapo’s Dionne:

Thanks to Mitt Romney and such well-known socialist intellectuals as Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, the United States is about to have the big debate on the nature of modern capitalism that should have started back in 2008. The focus will be on whether some kinds of capitalism are bad for the system as a whole.

As a political matter, the discussion will be a classic test of an old Karl Rove theory that the best way to undercut an opponent is to attack him in his area of perceived strength. Romney’s central claim is that his business experience prepares him to be the nation’s great job creator. That message runs into some difficulty if he is seen instead as a job ­destroyer.

Some huge donors are quickly losing the control of the national narrative, and it’s about time.

Full story.


2 thoughts on “The vulture capitalist.

    • Hm.. I put that post “on review”, it didn’t quite sit right for some reason. Part of this back and forth about keeping a clear politics “genre” on this blog maybe. Not sure.

      But I think they’re doing a great job – and I think DR (Ratigan) is on to something very big pushing and talking about a revolution/renaissance into the digital age – leaving the industrial culture and mentality behind. That is up there with the introduction of agriculture – in terms of changing big elements of society and the framework for politics.

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