Thoughts on SOTU 2012.


Better, slowly.

With some time to digest; the speech was good, a bit more substantive than earlier years, the economy and general mood seems to be blowing in Obama’s favor, and he’s a bit more trustworthy after the shifts in his third year.

And will he accomplish this “building a stronger economy” drive he sets out for? We’re slowly leaning towards yes.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on SOTU 2012.

    • Yep, I concur with the thoughts on Obama. There was a lot of problems and disappointments with him in the first two years I think – as it looked like his efforts, however impressive and well intentioned, were simply not good enough to fix the economy and make things better. A couple of the cavings in the beginning were also to some extent very troubling on value-based and moral grounds.
      But now,
      it looks like he’s pulling it off – and that he has done a whole lot more on the framework and strategic level than they have chosen to communicate so far. He has always had this “just sit back and trust me” kind of vibe to him, but maybe he’s right.
      They might have informed us better on the way, not just pulling back from the “media circus”, but ok.
      A non-executive trying to lead the only super-power in the world, it’s not learned in a day. Some slack is needed.

      And thanks for feedback,
      and I liked your watercolors! Nice motives and a certain peace to the atmosphere. Made me relax a little bit the other day.

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