Cooperation in Congress!

In other good news:

People on both sides are now working together against the latest NDAA bill, giving the government the possiblity to lock up anyone for life without trial – merely on suspicion.

“Any statute that could possibly be interpreted to allow a president to detain American citizens without charge or trial is incredibly alarming,” said Landry, a freshman lawmaker and member of the Tea Party Caucus who has introduced a bill in the House to clarify the law.

[..] “You go down a slippery slope,” Franken (D-Sen.) told The Hill. “To not give people a hearing, to not give an American citizen the right to have his case heard in a court — I think that’s one of our basic rights. Once we’re starting to get rid of our basic rights, we’re in real trouble.”

Finally some pushback on the 1% doctrine.

Full story.


4 thoughts on “Cooperation in Congress!

  1. Yep..
    There are every once in a while these little reminders – about how things can and are supposed to be. And when these two specific factions are working together – something good has to have happened behind the scenes…

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