US On the Mend.

It feels like things are getting better again.

New job numbers, cooperation in congress, small signs of projects paying off by bringing jobs back home and creating new ones in America.

Maybe the worst part is over.

6 thoughts on “US On the Mend.

  1. One might add.. it’s not good days yet by any means, but it’s not getting any worse I think – as in the string of the midterms 2010, the Tuscon shooting (though not that related to rightwing hatred machine as initially thought), and the default/downgrade debacle in August.
    That was one year of very bad and disturbing stuff.
    With a bleak and caving President – seemingly unable to respond or lift a finger to stop a downward spiral.

    Now things are heading more towards the better it seems, slowly, and the far right extremism is loosing some clout and to some extent volume.. and the president seems to have become a bit more effective.
    More tax incentives for getting jobs back to the country rather than shipping them out will probably also improve things,
    and at some point a grand fiscal budget bargain will come back and be passed I think. With maybe a 80/20 in cuts and new revenues. (which is a pretty solid center-right mix after all..)

    As for the bizarre corruption and super pac stuff.. it won’t last for very long I think.. campaign reform is bound to come pretty soon.. at least within this decade..

    And depending on the next congress, the improvement might go a little quicker or stay at a slow pace.. but I’m optimistic.. as some small things have already started to change..

  2. And so now that things are slowly getting better, what we need to do is get Obama out of there and put a Republican in the White House so that he can cut taxes on the wealthy some more, because that will…help? I guess that’s the argument on the right these days.

    • Yeah.. it appeared to be some confusion yesterday – among the “everything is worse under Obama” crowd. He cuts taxes, adds 4 million private jobs, kills Osama and Gaddafi, winds down the wars, no attacks on US soil on his watch. wtf?

      But you can always count on race, abortion and gay rights!

      But sort of between the lines I think the whole scam of lies and hatred is losing ground these days.. as things are getting better. And as the gop-donors dictate every major policy item, which are exactly the same as in the last decade, it all boils down to a simple choice.. Bush-policies or Obama? Look at the record – and take your pick.

  3. Yep, he got around after a few years..!
    And just in time.. for a 2. term..
    Man, he must’ve been tired at times..
    Now he’s almost over the top the other way – mixing in Jesus with higher taxes on the wealthy. But why not, he has some slack..
    And he has all the cards now.. outsmarting congress and pushing everything to Jan 2013…

    And now we just have to wait for some stronger moderate centers on the right – and things will speed up.. and the 00’s will remain behind as an education for younger generations and voters.. how not to do things…

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