Marshmallows in the White House.

From the Science Fair in the White House – this is feelgood politics and something the kid will remember for the rest of his life:

POTUS’ helping hand at the pump at 1:30


4 thoughts on “Marshmallows in the White House.

    • I thought some of the same, such a nice adult, showing care and participation, spreading smiles and good vibes, supporting something that is good and constructive. I think he shines a bit here – as a role model.

      And then briefly, a dark cold shudder passed – thinking of these other people. Who steps on everybody to have a little more to themselves. Just bad people.

    • It is a bit of magic there, isn’t it.. having fun and being in the moment – both of them.

      And not to muddle it with politics – but Obama shows kind of another side of himself here, where he’s nowhere close to being remote or cerebral.. If he takes care of the country like he does this kid – things will be all right real soon..

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