Medieval Politics in America.


For hire: Duke Assistant

This reminds us of medieval times in Italy – when superrich folks were playing games with the fates of city-states, pitting one against the other and gladly sacrificing a couple in pursuit of ever more.

Sheldon Adelson quickly got hang of this game with superpac nukes – now he’s arming Newt against Rick so Mitt will be stronger.

And we’re just waiting for some old billionaire foe of Sheldon to join the game, crushing the one or the other to prevent Mitt from winning.

So much for the people’s rule.



2 thoughts on “Medieval Politics in America.

    • It makes perfect sense I think 🙂

      It’s interesting, fun, organic, relevant, necessary, colorful, social and helpful – but at times deeply negative and depressing. And hurtful.

      But I’m starting to think the worst is over in terms of US politics now – with better days ahead. Then, one could put it all a bit on a distance at times, and enjoy everday life.

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