Every week, Obama gets stronger.


IIII...... singing for re-election.

In a stream of good news, and improving economy, and collapsing opposition, Obama has moved from slight underdog to a position of relative strength vs. GOP candidates Romney and Santorum.

From the NY Times:

The last time I considered Barack Obama’s re-election chances in this magazine, in mid-November, things were looking pretty bleak for the president. The statistical model I used measured three key factors — a president’s approval rating, economic growth and the ideological orientation of his opponent — and taken together, they showed that Obama had become a slight underdog to win re-election.

Three months later, his position is much stronger.

Things might change, but even an unforeseen crisis might work in favor of the incumbent. And maybe 2011 really was a turning point and the momentum for better days will keep growing.

Full story.


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