60 Super PACs this year alone.

Since the Citizen United ruling in 2010 we now have over 320 super PACs, 60 of whom were started just in January and February.

Most are for fun, some are started by college students, another 60 super PACs are made by one person alone (with no donations), but 33 of them have more than $1 million in contributions.

And we’ll see what the summer and autumn brings. The worse this gets, the sooner the whole thing will be ended.

Full story.


4 thoughts on “60 Super PACs this year alone.

  1. I sort of don’t think about this as a long-term problem anymore, as it’s just nonsense. A remnant of the monomanic cult of the 00s. It will probably fade out in Obama’s 2. term, with some other rulings I think, nullifying the whole mess..

    • In a dream scenario this ends the whole “corps are people” crap from the 1880s.. with some less luck it just damages the GOP brand while it lasts – and some campaign reform or amendment is passed before long.

      But as the article also says.. if people donate less than $5k, it’s just normal PACs.

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