Pls. give us something else than “the GOP field”

Just a sigh – in the midst of a six month obsession with primaries on the far right.


14 thoughts on “Pls. give us something else than “the GOP field”

    • lol.. sounds businesslike and probably how quite a few think about the process. Like options, hedging, market shares and return on investments!

    • lol.. I love your sense of humor! 🙂

      And yes,
      Newt might win 1100 delegates, or a newcomer might suddenly jump into the race in August! Who knows!!

        • Yeps.. it IS enticing, and fun to watch in small doses.
          And there’s lots of things to learn about people and human nature, too. Many just can’t put their vote on the robot – no matter what. It’s interesting – and natural.

        • Another thing – watching msnbc pundits going on about the Romney “inauthenticity” thing just now.
          That’s not really the problem, as he just IS himself. A robotic person with no personal values – apart from calculating the most profitable behavior at any given point. That is who he really is.

          The problem is most people don’t like that kind of personalities – as their leader or president. For some it might even be better with the “enemy” for four more years, sabotaging and enjoy complaining.

  1. Mac, I agree with you about Romney just being himself. He is the out of touch rich boy who knows the NASCAR team owners. Even when he tries to sound like he’s down to earth, he fails and the quotes are 100% Mitt.

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