Political Movies.

Last week had time for two political movies – Bob Roberts from 1992, and Truman from 1995.

Both great films, both showing the destruction and persistence of special interests in US politics, be it the 1950s or the fictional 1990s. Some things never change.


7 thoughts on “Political Movies.

  1. Indeed, both terrific. Try “The Candidate” with Redford and the recent one with Clooney as a prez candidate but I can’t think of the name of it. Ryan Gosling was in it too.

    • Oh, “The Ides of March”. How could I’ve missed that!!

      And Redford, maybe give it another try – last time was ages ago, when politics was too remote and confusing.. some fresh eyes could be helpful.

    • I’ve done my homework now – and Redford was really good! The ending was brilliant. And the circus.. well.. it’s 40 yrs ago – and seems pretty innocent compared to these days.

      “The Ides” was a bit too much of a thriller for me, and too fictional. But Seymore Hoffman carried the thing, easily.

    • It’s quite well made – lots of good dialouge, and sort of neutral in displaying the pull of rightwing simplistic, but charming, populism. It’s just how things are, but it is destructive and should be managed or contained to some degree I think.

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