Say Hello 2 Heaven

Great reunion of Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell – in Alpine Valley Sept 2011.

Tune starts at 0:40



6 thoughts on “Say Hello 2 Heaven

    • Great!! Another nice thing in common 🙂

      I saw them last at Key Arena, Seattle in ’09 – very very nice. They change the set every night – but there are so many great hits to choose from.

      And as the yrs go by, somehow the voices of Eddie, and Chris Cornell, it just keeps growing.

    • Agreed! It’s still fantastic – and I love it when Eddie and Chris play the songs now, with even greater voices, richer of life and experiences. The 90’s were so great!!

  1. This off topic, but has WordPress eliminated the ‘comment I have made’ option. I used that all the time, and now I have to remember any comment I made to see if there were any interesting reactions and such.

    Is this to discourage trolls or what??? Or is no longer seeing it just human error on my part?

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