Teatro Greco, Sicily

This is a great spot in Syracuse, the old capital of Sicily. The city was founded 2.700 yrs ago by Greek Corinthians – and this is the biggest theatre they ever built.


The Greek Theatre in Syracuse, Italy.




4 thoughts on “Teatro Greco, Sicily

    • Oh man you should go!! They have three thousand yrs of mixed history, and it’s so much more than mafia and Corleone – as many think of first.
      It was even a part of Greece way way back, and had lots of great temples. And the people and food is great – and it’s tiny – only five hrs w bus to cross approx.
      On the south coast, like Agrigento, you could sort of see three continents at once – Europe, Africa and Asia. Now that was a moment.. 🙂

    • And a great thing w these theaters is – the acoustics. It’s exactly the same as when it was made. You almost hear folks whispering at the stage from the upper row.

      And walking there, it’s just timeless. It’s a powerful thing.

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