US births; whites now a minority.

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From BBC:

Children from racial and ethnic minorities now account for more than half the births in the US, according to estimates of the latest US census data.

Black, Hispanic, Asian and mixed-race births made up 50.4% of new arrivals in the year ending in July 2011.

Just a side-thought; wonder what the ethnic percentages were two centuries ago – on the whole continent that is now the US.



6 thoughts on “US births; whites now a minority.

  1. And I was wondering how much this change represents a difference in reporting over the years. In the past in America it was never a good move to draw attention to even a drop of coloured blood, so if the skin colour was white, the child was white no matter how coloured the parents might be. Could this be people being more relaxed about their mixed race backrounds? I see it as positive, of America growing up.

    • That is a very good point.. I vaguely remember the NyTimes had a feature about a newly emerged “mixed pride” among the younger generations some time ago – choosing that box on all sorts of applications and forms. Many claiming they just didn’t feel comletely at home in either place, but cherished the variations, and well – the mix.

  2. My experience is the opposite. Most black people I know consider themselves black even if the have a lot of blood from a different race. But most of my black friends are older. Maybe the younger generation is different?

    • It’s a good and very relevant question. The attitudes and identity culture surrounding this might differ with generations, and it might change back and forth with time too.

      Brazil sometimes chips in with an interesting take on this – as they’ve always encouraged full integration and mixing of all races for centuries – celebrating a thousand shades of black, white and brown…

  3. I’ll have to read up on the Brazil experience. My initial thought is that is what the US will be like in 150 years. let me know if you know of any good articles on it.

    • I’ll keep it in mind. And I think it was a very clear choice the made from the start. They might’ve started with more portugese and spanish than english, french or german, but still. The result is a nation that thinks differently about these issues.

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