Corp.speak and Public life.

Not sure how this affects his campaign – but intricate word games and legal double speak probably doesn’t help Mitt Romney that much at this point. He briefly stumbled into and withdrew the word “responsibility” a few times, and repeated more the “no role in managing the company”, which sort of sounds like an ordinary division of tasks between a CEO and his deputy.

But stonewalling the SEC filings – it would most likely only raise more suspicion and questions now.

And this “I can’t recall any meetings” stuff resembles parts of the BP hearings after the Oil Spill… wasn’t me… don’t remember.. ask someone else..


10 thoughts on “Corp.speak and Public life.

  1. Even if you accept Romney’s story completely – which I don’t – as owner of Bain, Romney is responsible for appointing his senior executive team. Presumably Romney wants us to believe that his appointees acted on their own and against his will in how they managed the company after 1999. If Romney was truly clueless as to what was going on, then that doesn’t say much about him either.

    • He seems to have this typical attitude of folks with total power – they just shove some crap in your face and have no intention of considering nothing from nobody.

      And he’s trying the Goldman defense – I know nothing of the actions of those running things at the lower levels.

      It might technically hold in court – but not in public opinion while running for federal office.

      And Chris Hayes made a good point this morning; it seems like all this amateurish cloaking is to avoid one specific case of outsourcing at Bain in 01/02, but their practices and business model were well established long before 1999.

      Which adds another point, that he doesn’t appear to be that good at running things either, botching this unnecessary stuff in the campaign.

  2. Romney answered the question in such a way that he implied that he didn’t attend Bain’s Board meetings. but there are other tapes from Romney that state otherwise.

    Romney is lying again – and of course he knows it.

    • Oh yes he does.

      One could wonder though – why he’s even trying to run for president, with all this stuff in his past. If he’s betting on confusion, or plain Obama “hatred” to carry the election for him – he’ll fail.

  3. Well, he makes the history books just by the fact that he will receive the GOP nomination. And at this point, Obama still hasn’t won the election yet. Romney still a very real chance at winning.

    Romney may very well have things in his past that if known, it would eliminate any election chances that he has. But if they exist, we don’t know what they are yet.

    I sometimes get the impression that Romney is always running for the next job. I don’t believe that Romney is a political junkie. He wouldn’t be watching “Meet the Press” or “morning Joe” If he wasn’t running for President. He doesn’t really appear to have a well-developed political philosophical core.

    Maybe Romney has looked back at his life and said “Well I made a lot of money, I still feel unfulfilled. Being president would be fulfilling”. But who really knows why Romney is running?

    • True, there could be a mix of many reasons for him running, and he could very well win.
      If nothing else – he could get a big return on investment by running/winning, and then rigging things even better for his own finances and future.
      Ambition, boredom, dynasty thoughts, pressure, stubborness, ego, natural drive and excellence could be others – but making society or the country better? Probably not in the mix.
      Oh, and religion/faith might squirm in there. Who knows.

      And his political philosophy might be of the strain “if business grows society prospers”, seen in a vacuum, and there’s that. It often seems like political thinking becomes difficult for brains too accustomed to numbers, logic, systems and analysis; or it appears very mechanical and technocratic.

      But apart from all of this – without the outsized money influence on the right, they would’ve had so much better candidates this election.. and Romney would never have won the primaries, with all his flaws.

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