Middle-Class Tax Cuts.

More statments from the aggressive and refreshed Obama campaign – confronting misinformation and calling out cable networks by name.

Obama cut taxes for the Middle Class.

Said Obama:

“I have cut taxes for middle-class families by an average of $3,900 since I’ve been in office,” he said to applause in Virginia Beach.

“So just in case some of your friends or neighbors, or Uncle Jim, who’s a little stubborn and been watching FOX News and he thinks that somehow I raised taxes, let’s just be clear: We’ve lowered taxes for middle-class families since I came into office,” he said.

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4 thoughts on “Middle-Class Tax Cuts.

  1. we are under-taxed here in the US.. The middle class should eventually pay more, and the wealthy should pay much more. but as long as the unemployment rate remins over 7%, there will be no demands for any tax increase.

    • You have this thing murring in the background – inspired by the 50s and 60s – to just tax more and start new huge national projects like the moon landing, the internet or the interstate. That would spur economic growth and make a better future also.

      The rates are the lowest since the 1920s,
      and things like green energy and carbon free living are ripe and inspiring projects.

      And it could be done – somewhere in this decade I think. Things are shifting slowly already.

      • Cap and Trade failed even though the Democrats held huge margins in Congress. I don’t see any desire by Democrats to tackle this again in the near future. No one in the US is even talking about it.

        And let’s be clear. Cap and Trade is far from carbon free living.

        In the long term, carbon free living will be a goal that we strive for, but there is no political will to pursue this in the US at this time.

        • Exactly. It was a sloppy phrase on my part, maybe thinking more decades/centuries and what kind of big projects and challenges that lie ahead.

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