Romney laying civility aside.

After the first rounds of “disappointments” and call for apologies – the Romney folks are now ramping up new character assassination plans on Obama.

Hitting back – but the target is different.

From the camp:

“[Romney] has said Obama’s a nice fellow, he’s just in over his head,” the adviser said. “But I think the governor himself believes this latest round of attacks that have impugned his integrity and accused him of being a felon go so far beyond that pale that he’s really disappointed. He believes it’s time to vet the president. He really hasn’t been vetted; McCain didn’t do it.”

“I mean, this is a guy who admitted to cocaine use, had a sweetheart deal with his house in Chicago, and was associated and worked with Rod Blagojevich to get Valerie Jarrett appointed to the Senate,” the adviser said. “The bottom line is there’ll be counterattacks.” 

The problem with this might be – that Obama is very well liked, while Romney is not. Negatives on a well liked person could more easily backfire, and besides – this is old stuff that plays into the hardcore base of already loyal followers. A third thing is that Romney’s problems are tax returns and SEC filings, which is very concrete stuff – still unanswered.

And then you have this:

“[Obama’s] policies have been such utter failures, the only thing he can do is to try to destroy a decent man and his wife,” the adviser said. “So he gets some hack political adviser from Chicago who has nothing to point to in her own life, and tells her to call him a felon… When did our politics get to that point? I mean, it’s Nixonian.”

“Nothing to point to” in this context would be generally offensive to many folks who have other priorities in life than careers. And it just reinforces the Romney narrative of distant, unlikable rich guy.

And the Nixon reference is already taken – by Axelrod – pointing to Romneys secrecy and inconsistencies.

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8 thoughts on “Romney laying civility aside.

  1. romney is one of those guys who has been privileged enough to always get what he wants, either through money or power. however, those things won’t win over the undecided, moderate voters. he thinks he can delay delay delay, and he doesn’t realize that he can’t call in a “cleaner” to mop up the mess he’s making.

    the tax returns themselves are likely not going to do as much damage as the simple act of not releasing them. we’re focusing on the “not” instead of the actual returns. that means he either has something significant to hide – or – he’s stupid. in time, any damage will go away.

    it’s like college football. if you’re going to lose a game, lose it early in the season so you have time to climb in the rankings again. it’s early in the season, and if you’re going to “lose” a game – do it now.

    • Yes, exactly. He could’ve done it the same day he won the primaries – and get it done with. How much damage did the 14% tax rate in 2010 do to him? Apparently nothing. Yet he held back for months.

      And his privileged/sheltered/narrow/one-dimensional life experience in economic terms is indeed a permanent weakness for him, and it might be a strong dis-qualifier for managing public affairs too, with any real quality or success.

      And I’m starting to think there’ll be many new rounds of disasters from Romney in the next four months. He’s just not fit for this thing. How does he respond to this latest assault from the hard right on Obama’s un-Americanism f.ex? Does he agree? Distance himself? Let them run over him and set the agenda?

      As for cleaners – that old story about his latino gardeners he couldn’t have anymore because he was “running for office” still rings in my memory. No ethics involved at all, you cheat if you can. Let somebody else take care of the problems.

      • whatever is in his tax forms i’m sure is legal. he played by the rules. he’s allowed to do that. he doesn’t have to apologize for being rich. he just has to say, “see, i know how to get rich, and i can help all of us do better.”

        • Most likely yes. But f.ex. the SEC filings – vs. some other statements from Romney under oath, as far as I’ve understood the reporting, is at odds with each other. Which opens a trustability issue.
          He might have “retroactively reorganized” his finances too, which would be just one of many speculations now – as long as he’s holding back.

          But yep, something like “I just exploited the stupid tax code” line would work well with most people I think. “I know how to fix it too”.

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